Sunday, 22 November 2015

CONFESSIONS OF A FOODIE // 5 foods i want to love but just don't

Because sometimes you just fancy getting things off your chest.

1. courgetti

Or zoodles if you're American. On the outlook it appears to be the perfect gluten free, low carb replacement for spaghetti; have it with meatballs and your favourite tomato sauce, try it raw with pesto or just in a salad. I have tried really hard to like courgettes, but i'm admitting now that I just find them really bland. I'd rather have sweet potato or cucumber noodles - or even spaghetti!

2. ghee
[image source: nomnom paleo]

Popular in the paleo diet and in Indian cuisine, is clarified butter. Used in cooking instead of butter or oil, it is said to have a host of health benefits and add flavour to many dishes. Sadly for me, I just find it a bit too rich, and the smell a bit of a turn off. I'm sticking to butter, olive oil and coconut oil.

3. raw onion

I just can't cope with raw onion in salads or sandwiches, especially red onion. At first I think it adds loads of flavour and colour but actually I find myself picking it out now. It burns my nose, leaves a funny taste in my mouth and I don't think I digest it very well.

4. chilli peppers

I feel like a wimp admitting this but I have honestly tried so hard to tolerate chilli. Unfortunately I no longer want to choke on my food or have to run for water several times whilst eating a meal. It would be easier if I liked them because my boyfriend is one of the world's biggest chilli lovers; it would be nice to both enjoy spicy meals together. But I'm getting off the chilli train now - bye!

5. grapefruit

So sour and makes your mouth feel all fuzzy. I know it's good for you and has lots of vitamins etc blah blah but I just can't stand it. Good job there are a ton of other fruits which do the same job and taste way better.

I want to know what foods you just cannot stand, let me know! I know it's only grub but it feels good being honest with yourself generally. Who cares if something works for everyone except you? If we were all the same the world would be a dull place 

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