Tuesday, 19 August 2014


- Please visit here to see why I'm challenging myself to live as a modern cave-woman for 21 days -


Today's challenge was to go as long as possible without eating. I should only break the fast when experiencing strong sensations of hunger or diminished energy levels. I lasted until 10:10am #fail.

This was because I had woken up at 7am and then caught a train. On this train everyone was eating hot breakfasts from the catering carriage and they smelled completely irresistible. In a way I suppose I didn't fail, because I was experiencing strong sensations of hunger, and I didn't succumb to a bacon sandwich at least. Instead, I ate a primal bar by The Primal Kitchen who make snacks that are 100% grain and sugar free.

I indulged in a proper meal once I reached Newcastle at The Naked Deli. I ordered a really healthy tuna steak with poached eggs and steamed veggies, which I ate all of minus the green beans. I also had a bulletproof coffee, which is espresso blended with coconut oil and grass-fed butter. The fat reacts with the caffeine to maintain high energy levels, so you avoid the spike and crash. Tastes surprisingly creamy.

I listened to my body and had another rest day today. Back on it again tomorrow.


Daily energy levels 1-10: I still felt pretty chilled out from the weekend but not too tired -7-

Hunger level between meals 1-10: after that meal I didn't eat much else actually. My body silently thanked me for the nutrients and shut up -0-

Satisfaction level with meals 1-10: Man, I love eggs -10-

Struggles today with Primal efforts: I did really want bacon after seeing everyone else tucking in, but who can resist bacon? Not even vegetarians surely! -5-

Best part: Feeling completely unstressed, even on public transport.

Benefits noticed from Primal efforts: It feels like the new 'normal', and I can't imagine going back to eating grains and cake etc. Maybe I'll try introducing some rice and see how I feel.

Daily highlight(s): The Naked Deli.

Success score : 6/10

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