Sunday, 24 August 2014


I have completed my 21 Day challenge! I am incredibly happy to report that we have raised £222 for Crohn's & Colitis UK in memory of my late father Dave CowleyCrohn’s and Colitis are bowel conditions which can devastate lives and have no known cure. Thank you so much to all who contributed to help find a cure while improving lives in the meantime. 


My last week my challenge went by like a whirlwind; I found myself incredibly busy with work and social events, and any time to myself I used to relax with a book and a glass of wine. It is only now, a week after I finished, that I feel enough removed from the experience to complete my journal.


I definitely experimented more this week with food. I made ice cream, cake bars, courgetti, pancakes and chia seed pudding. Okay so now I've listed one I realise I must have had a hankering for sweet foods! Here are photos which show a few of the savoury dishes I enjoyed.

Steamy breakfast of eggs, bacon, courgette, spinach and blackberries
Thai green prawn curry on roasted red pepper (who needs rice?)
Baked salmon with 'courgetti' (courgette peeled julienne style and immersed in hot water)
Baked potato, tahini, mackerel and salad
Jerk chicken drumstick with beetroot and salad


Most of the workouts I did during the last week were at the gym, although I did do a sprinting session too. I've found myself having more energy for my workouts in general, and feel myself getting stronger - particularly from practicing jumping pull ups.


Generally, I feel quite guilty that I haven't found this challenge very...well...challenging! I was still able to drink alcohol (I even joined The Wine Society!), eat dessert and really enjoyed the exercise routines.

So while I did actually take a 'before' photo, I have not yet taken an 'after' photo. Don't get me wrong, I did notice a few improvements myself in my body - mainly my abs looking a little flatter. But it was only 3 weeks. As this image points out, I may need to wait a bit longer or challenge myself further.

Stay tuned for my final review of the experience and my answer to the question of 'what's next?'

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