Thursday, 31 July 2014


- Please visit here to see why I'm challenging myself to live as a modern cavewoman for 21 days -


Location: Gym NRG

Activity: Fat Burning Circuit (included rope, jumping squats, yoga stretches and cross punches)

Duration: 33 minutes

Comments: I burned 291 calories


Now here the 21 Day Primal Challenge guide gets a bit silly and suggests that you modify your work desk so that you can stand at it. Unfortunately, this is impossible for me as I spent the day shadowing someone, and was therefore at their desk. Sitting of course. Not that they'd let me raise my desk anyway; they don't allow you to have plants on your desk so I very much doubt they'll allow me to physically alter it!!

In a few weeks time I will move to the front desk and will therefore be able to stand if I wish, but for today and the near future I shall have to comply with company regulations. I think this is an example of where Mark Sisson has his head in the clouds...


Daily energy levels 1-10: I felt energised -7-

Hunger level between meals 1-10: There was birthday cake at work which I resisted by getting myself some paleo snacks - boom! -6-

Satisfaction level with meals 1-10: Again I had a fab breakfast -9-
Struggles today with Primal efforts: I had a headache from lunchtime until bedtime. I have a feeling it was my body starting to detox, releasing stored toxins into my bloodstream. I also skipped caffeine, so it could have been related to that too.

Benefits noticed from Primal efforts: Same as before; no bloating. I also noticed that my chemical free deodorant from H&B works way better than Sure aerosol.

Daily highlight(s): Sharing a glass of wine with Chris in the evening whilst listening to music, reading and snacking on olives. My kind of multitasking! Also, this was dinner.
Broccoli Rabe

Daily needs to improve: I did some reading about the relationship between activity levels and primal diet, and discovered that a lot of people believe that if you are active - i.e. walk at least 5 miles a day and/or workout, which I do - and if you are not trying to lose weight then primal aligned carbohydrates can be very beneficial. This includes starches such as sweet potato and butternut squash. It was also interesting to read that during the first few days on a primal diet a lot of people describe feeling 'empty', as opposed to hungry, which perfectly describes how I felt today. It was more an absence of that bloated feeling which so many of us have learned to expect after eating.

Success score: 7/10

Click here for Day 4

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