Friday, 4 April 2014


Last night we went out to the recently opened Jamie's Italian in Newcastle city centre for Chris's birthday.

I had signed up for a Gold Membership Card, which gave us some free tasters and £10 off our meal - I definitely recommend signing up (it's free too!).

There are no gluten free pasta options - I have a feeling that they must have stopped serving it due to this unfortunate incident. However, the website did clearly outline which were the gluten free options, and our lovely waitress made sure she was clear that cross contamination was not an issue, and not to offer me any bread.

Despite the busy atmosphere, the restaurant had a great chilled atmosphere and my partner even remarked that he didn't feel like getting out as soon as he'd finished eating, which is how he normally feels. (Don't we all? I'm totally guilty of this too). There were even people just sat having drinks at the bar, which added to the casual dining feel.

The food was not at all casual, but well presented and delicious. The delicate combination of flavours on my plates did not go unnoticed.

I order the baked salmon, roasted veggies and salad with ricotta cheese for my main course:

The guys had steaks with chips, which were demolished and praised. Others had the lasagne and aubergine bake, which were also commended.

I had planned to have dessert, namely the gluten free Autumn Pavlova. Actually, I'd been looking forward to it all day. I can happily report that it didn't dissapoint, though I wish I'd savoured it a bit more!

I also took a photo of the cheesecake, which wasn't gluten free but looked amazing.
I'm sure Jamie's Italian will be visited again, and next time I may try another dish. perhaps the Free Range Chicken, or the Mushroom risotto? With any luck they'll change their menu frequently and send offers often ;-) then they might have a chance of rivaling Pizza Express!

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