Monday, 17 March 2014


I was recommended to try out Lesley's cakes by two different people, and within one hour of hearing about her freshly baked gluten and dairy free cakes I had placed an order.

And I'm so glad I did.

Here is a biot more about Free From Freak, as quoted from her 'About' section:

"After spending the last ten years suffering from a long list of food intolerances, I've found it increasingly difficult to find any kind of gluten free/dairy free cake that can replace the real thing. It's frustrating, craving all the wonderful treats you used to enjoy and then being faced with a really disappointingly dry, tasteless alternative. It's equally frustrating trying to eat out anywhere - asking for something simple like 'do you have soya milk?' or 'do you have anything gluten free on the menu?', only to be met with a confused or irritated expression.

The Free-from Freak aims to offer those of us who aren't satisfied with bland, crumbly cakes a tasty, moist, happy alternative.

As a brand new business (and already working a full-time job doing something entirely different!), I tend to fit in my cake baking around my shifts at the moment. I currently offer:

- a range of different flavoured cupcakes
- banana and walnut/ginger loaf
- brownies
- chocolate cake
- cheesecakes
- chocolate fudge slices

All of these cakes are gluten and dairy free (unfortunately not suitable for vegans or coeliacs).

I'm also looking into making pies (of the fruit and savoury variety) and quiches.

Goods are available for collection or delivery.

Feel free to contact me for further information!


Ps: official website coming soon!

Follow the Freak on Twitter:"

I contacted her through her Facebook page 'Free-From Freak' and chose a banana and walnut loaf topped with a rum glace. I arranged to pick it up from her location in Newcastle at the weekend, and popped it in my rucksack. It was still warm so I practically ran home to try it.

Doesn't it look gorgeous? I was chuffed with the size, and pleased that I would have plenty to cut up and freeze.

I served my first slice with a cup of chai tea and some leftover protein icing I had made.

I should have videoed my reaction when I took my first bite. It was THE BEST gluten free cake I'd ever tried. I've only been gluten free since November 2013, but I can't imagine any others tasting better.

I can't believe it's not gluten! I actually did say this *shame*, but it's true. It's moist, has a great consistency - not too crumbly nor too dense - and has huge yummy chunks of banana and walnut nestled in. The rum glace was also spot on.

So, if you live in the Newcastle area and want to try very reasonably priced gluten- and dairy-free cake give Free-From Freak a try and support her new career. You won't regret it.

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