Thursday, 30 January 2014


Chris and I had a Burns supper on Sunday 26th January (we were both MIA from the kitchen on Saturday). We had haggis with potato, turnip and swede mash followed by cranachan, which might be my favourite naturally gluten free dessert.

Seeing the photo above makes me want to get some new plates, and soon! They are faaaar too big and also rattle on the table everytime you chop something...anyway.

I'm not going to write the recipe for the main dish because shamefully we used the microwave for both components *blush*.

The cranachan was made by whipping cream until just firm and then mixing in toasted oats and whiskey and popping in the fridge. Raspberries were smashed up and added on top just before serving. YUM.

Chris had some proper whiskey with the meal but I just had a soda and lime :-)


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