Sunday, 10 November 2013


Reflecting on my visits to Norwich, I have fond memories of sipping St. Peter's Best Bitter in my aunt and uncle's sunny back garden. The brewery is based in Norfolk and therefore the local off-licenses stock quite a few of their beers.

In 2007 St. Peter's launched a gluten free ale, named G-Free.

One of my good friends bought me some St Peter's G-Free to try (yippee!), so like a good reviewer here is my opinion:

Best served: ice ice baby

Carbonation: 4/5 pretty fizzy

Taste: Ale for the lager lover. Crisp pilsner with a pleasant bitter aftertaste, sort of dry. Not sure I tasted the citrus they mention in their description.

Price£30.00 (12 x 500ml) + £7.76 delivery = £3.15 per bottle

I also like the St. Peter's oval bottle shape. It's comforting as it's the same bottle that's used for their gluten-full beers that I used to enjoy. Hopefully in time I will get to try the Dark G-Free, labelled as being full-bodied and floral, as if it's anywhere near as satisfying as its paler sibling, I'm game.

Score: 3/5

It's a bit pricey for me, and I'm more of a ale lover these days (at least I was), but when I'm next in Norwich I'll be certain to hunt some down - especially if it's summer!

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