Wednesday, 23 March 2016

WEEK NOTES // 23032016

Well well, spring is sprung! This is my favourite time of the year: more daylight, warmer temperatures, higher spirits, new seasonal foods and budding plants.

I am currently up to my elbows:

-coursework deadlines, exams and learning for my PT Level 2, which once passed will be replaced by a Level 3 and a nutrition course;
-balancing two paid jobs, one in an office and the other in a gym cafe;
-attempting to eat healthily by meal prepping;
-training 5 times a week, cos goals;
-getting enough sleep; apologies for the relative silence on here! Don't get me wrong I am loving life right now, but I do have moments where I feel like I am on a long distance run, trying to keep up and make good time.

Anyway, enough rambling for now. Here are several things on the internet, which are aiding me in keeping myself focused, educated and assisting my journey to become the minimalist health coach that I aspire to be:

// a workout plan will help you reach your fitness goals. For guidance on how to choose one, start here or here.

// so any online training articles are geared towards a male audience. Here is my favourite resource for women.

// i adored the first book by Marie Kondo, and now I am devouring her second, Spark Joy. It is life changing.

// when I want to escape from it all, I turn to yoga, meditation or my current book series. I have been reading C J Sanson's 'Shardlake' books for a couple of years now. It is sadly coming to an end and I am about to start the last one (for now at least). Does anyone have any recommendations for my next read?

This weekend I am taking a break and heading down south to spend time with friends and family. What are you doing this Easter?

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