Thursday, 12 February 2015

HOME // featuring The Jackson Stops, Stretton

Last weekend I popped home for some R&R: lots of pugs, walks, good food and pints.

My folks' pug Dudley was a prominent feature of the weekend, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Here he is playing with his sister Polly and mum Poppy (lagging behind a bit).

Here is a sunny photo of my sister Hannah and I walking near Swayfield.

We stopped off for a bite to eat at The Jackson Stops in Stretton. We had a Mariner's platter which was just right for three peckish people. The 'newspaper' style chip wrap is a nice touch, and we were convinced the mussels were served in a Stilton sauce - in fact it was dill, garlic and white wine. I could eat it again right now...

This pub has a lovely sunny front, hope to visit again soon when it's a bit warmer! Nice beer too ;-)

See you again soon Lincolnshire 

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