Tuesday, 1 July 2014


In my previous post I expressed my beliefs about food and exercise, particularly about current governmental guidance and what is generally accepted to be true.

I disagree that 60% of our daily intake of calories should be carbohydrate based.

I disagree that people should avoid fat and stick to reduced fat dairy where possible.

Since starting my Nutrition and Health course in April there has been this nagging feeling that I couldn't quite shake; if the recommended way of eating is the epitome of a healthy diet, then why do people develop immune conditions? Why are people getting fatter? Is this not our body's way of telling us we're doing it all wrong? As a species it seems as though we're merely surviving, where we should be thriving.

I went in search of like minded people who were also questioning the conventional wisdom (CW) surrounding diet and exercise. I found a series of books and blogs on primal and paleo living, most notably writings by Mark Sisson, author of The Primal Blueprint and Mark's Daily Apple.

The Primal Blueprint clarified and expressed what I already believed to be wrong with current governmental advice. It made sense and spoke to me, and I found myself reading statements such as "grains are completely unnecessary" and "we are genetically designed to be fat burners, not sugar burners" and internally shouting yes! 

Since becoming gluten free last year I have experienced huge improvements to my energy levels and digestion. However, I have reached a point where just being grainless is not enough anymore. From reading primal success stories on Mark's Daily Apple I can see that there are many more improvements to be made: better skin (no more rosacea? oh my God yes please), no more sunburn, losing stubborn fat and staying youthful. Therefore, I have decided to try the '21 day total body transformation' as outlined in the book pictured above.

In the next few months you should notice a shift in the focus of my blog posts. My aim is to take my diet beyond grainless and into primal territory. I'll be documenting any changes I notice, posting up my journal entries and translating primal living from Californian to Geordie.

Furthermore, I am declaring this a sponsored challenge by using Just Giving. I will start the challenge on 28 July 2014. The charity I have decided to donate to is Crohn's and Colitis UK - to see why and to sponsor me here is the link.

Thank you.

P.S. - the next blog post will outline the challenge rules.

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