Monday, 18 November 2013


The Yo! Sushi website does link to a pdf document displaying the allergens of all their dishes, but I thought I'd summarise the gluten free ones below to make it easier for me and other glutards. I'm particularly happy to see tamago, some hand rolls and mochi on the list - yum yum!

I'm looking forward to visiting soon.

PS. I swear my life is revolving around food at the moment - my appetite is INSATIABLE. I've read this is a common side effect of going gluten free and could last a few weeks. My poor bank balance can't handle this! :-)

-Miso soup

-Beef Tataki

-Tilapia Ceviche

-Tuna sashimi

-Coriander tuna

-Salmon sashimi

-Sesame seared salmon

-Salmon and tuna sashimi

-Salmon selection

-Tuna selection

-Tamago nigiri

-Salmon nigiri

-Tuna nigiri

-Beef nigiri

-Prawn nigiri

-Ama ebi

-Crispy salmon skin hand roll

-Salmon and avocado hand roll

-All maki excluding natsu maki

-Vegetable futomaki

-Crispy salmon skin iso


-Fresh fruit


-Chocolate mochi

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