Friday, 22 November 2013


Last week I went out to eat for the first time since going gluten free. I chose Pizza Express (Dean Street, Newcastle upon Tyne) because

1. I really fancied a pizza
2. I had 40% off main courses
3. Their gluten free menu is approved by Coeliac UK.

The waiter was really friendly and seemed very knowledgeable about the gluten free options, pointing out that all the Romana pizzas could be made on a gluten free base for no extra price and they stocked a GF beer and a brownie for dessert.

I ordered their gluten free beer, which was a pilsner by Green's.

It was really refreshing, and reminded me a lot of Peroni. It was also the same price as the regular beers which was a plus. For mains, I ordered the Fiorentina and Chris ordered a regular spicy pizza.

Apologies for the photo quality, I possibly should have sat under the spotlight! My pizza is the one in the foreground. It was a little smaller than the regular pizzas but came on a fancy slate which was a nice touch.

Texture wise, it was just okay. The base was biscuity and hard to cut into with a knife and fork, but the toppings were delicious, just like the regular pizzas. I actually only ate half of it at the time, and had the rest the following day for lunch.

It tasted a lot better the second day. I think that regular pizza bases can go a bit soft and spongy the next day, but it worked well with the gluten free base as it was quite dry to start with.

I also only ate half so I would have room to try the brownie!

It was one of their miniature desserts, and came with either tea, coffee or mint tea. I chose mint tea (caffeine after 4pm is a bad move for me!). It was just the right size for me, but I could see that someone else may want to have a larger piece! Even the waiter commented that he thought it a bit small.

For a first meal out it was great. I didn't feel restricted at all, and was able to enjoy the company I had without feeling jealous of their meal!

I totally recommend this restaurant for gluten free food.

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