Wednesday, 27 November 2013


Earlier this month I visited the Living North Christmas Fair at Gosforth racecourse. I went on the Saturday, and it was crazy busy!

I went there primarily to visit the Allendale Brewery stall to pick up some of their Gluten Free ale. This is a relatively new launch for the brewery based in Hexham. I was interested to read that rather than extracting the gluten they instead employ traditional methods using malted sorghum, a gluten free grain.

I bought a pack of three bottles.

Here is what I thought:

Best served: cool

Carbonation: 3/5 just right

Taste: Very pleasant. Great balance between fruity and hoppy, tasted like a pale pale should taste.

Price: £8 for 3 bottles at the stall. £34.50 for 12 bottles here.

I really like the colourful label. It's memorable, and would easily stand out nestled amongst rows and rows of other ales, which tend to use 'grungier' colours.

Score: 4/5

I would love to see it in some local pubs and off-licences seeing as it's a local ale. I heard that it is stocked at the Free Trade Inn in Ouseburn though, horray!

I would definitely buy and drink this again. At 4.3% I could easily sink two bottles! Now, how about someone creating a strong dark ale? ;-)

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