Thursday, 28 November 2013


I had a chance to try the Czech lager which won the Best Gluten Free Beer award at the FreeFrom Food Awards when Ilumi popped a couple of bottles in my food order as part of a promotion. Thank you very much!

It's aptly named Celia, and is probably one of the most popular gluten free beers available in the UK. It is not currently stocked anywhere in Newcastle, but you can see on their website which off-licences they are stocked in.

Here is my review:

Best served: straight from the fridge

Carbonation: 3/5 just right for a lager - natural carbonation too!

Taste: Proper nice. On par with some of my favourite gluten-full Czech lagers like Budvar and Staropramen.

Price: available from DeliDivine or Gluten-Free Shop. Around £2.10 per 330ml.

Ideal volume for a lager at 4.5%.

Score: 5/5

I liked this one a lot, it is able to hold its own and if I had the choice I wouldn't choose a regular beer over it. I bought a crate from DeliDivine to last over the Christmas period :-)

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