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The idea of creating a ‘first post’ on a blog seems a bit daunting, perhaps similar to how an artist feels when faced with a blank canvas. The best way to overcome a blank canvas is to paint the whole thing one solid colour first i.e. a light grey blue if painting the sky or water. I’m not sure if the same applies to a blog post, but here goes.

Thanks Dulux, I feel marginally better...

middle: blonde + grainless

I'm currently only half of what the blog title suggests, as I'm waiting to receive my diagnosis of Coeliac disease.

I went to my GP at the end of September 2013 (technically this story starts waay before that; another post, another time) with what I suspected to be lactose intolerance. The doctor took some blood tests, and to my complete surprise I came back positive for Coeliac disease. I was then referred to the gastrointestinal department for an endoscopy to confirm my diagnosis, which brings me to the present day.

Wednesday 6 November is my D-Day (GF-Day?), the date of my biopsy, and I fully intend for this to be the last day I knowingly consume gluten. For the past month I have been required to continue a gluten-full diet in order for the biopsy to be accurate (need to have visible damage for the test), which has been bittersweet knowing these foods are harming my body and preventing me from absorbing essential nutrients.

I have mixed feelings about next week:

  •  :-( Scared for the actual procedure itself, which is an upper intestinal gastroscopy. I have opted for sedation, which hopefully means I won't remember a thing.
  • :-( Mourning the end of my uncomplicated diet and being able to eat what I want, where I want.
  • :-/ Anxious to start my gluten free diet so I can start to feel better, and stop harming my body.
  • :-) Excited to start baking, cooking and trying gluten free foods at home and from local shops. Hopefully sharing the good stuff!
I'll let you know how I get on.


(Seems silly to have an 'end' to the first post!)

Ultimately, my wish is for this blog to be something helpful I can offer other coeliacs, gluten-free folks and their family and friends. In this short time I have already noticed that there are many venues offering gluten free food in Newcastle that get no recognition for it, and many products in the shops that have had little to no publicity. If I can help by trying them out and giving them the thumbs up (or down!) then that can only be a good thing :-)

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