Monday, 19 September 2016

GOODBYE BLONDE + GRAINLESS // time for a change

This blog is no longer updated. All my favourite recipes have come with me to my new domain where I also post workouts, fitness tips, nutrition information and reviews. I hope you decide to join me.
I started blonde + grainless to help me through a time where I was undergoing tests for coeliac disease a few years ago. I was pretty clueless about food and nutrition. My diet consisted of typical western fare: pasta, sandwiches, pastries, rice, vegetables and ready meals, with the occasional side of fruit and veg. I typically experienced negative gut symptoms on a weekly basis, but similar to many people, accepted this as being a fact of life. Thankfully, I eventually listened to my body, and went to see a specialist.

To cut a long story short, I did not end up being positive for coeliac disease, but two separate food intolerance tests confirmed that I have issues with two big food items - wheat and cows milk. I used blonde + grainless as a way of sharing recipes and reviews for meals, foods and products which offered alternatives for those wishing to limit or eliminate processed foods, particularly wheat.

I am thankful for my experience with gut problems, for otherwise I do not think I would be where I am now. Learning about gut health became a passion of mine, as well as creating and sharing delicious recipes for others. I embarked on nutrition courses, watched documentaries and read articles to quench my thirst for knowledge.  Alongside this my love for nutrition's partner in crime, fitness and exercise, grew and in July 2016 I seized an opportunity to quit my office job to work in a gym as an apprentice personal trainer and nutritionist.

This has brought me up to present day, where I feel it would be unfair to carry on with this blog as it is, limiting myself to posting only about 'grainlessness'. As I now want my personal business to grow, I have started an exciting new project under my real name which sadly means leaving this blog behind and moving on to pastures new. I will leave this website up, so all my posts will be available, though I intend for my favourite recipes to come with me to the new domain where I also post workouts, fitness tips, nutrition information and reviews. I hope you decide to join me over there.

Although change is the spice of life there is one thing which has remained; my hair is still and will always be blonde*

Thank you for reading x

*well, at least until I'm old and grey.

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