Sunday, 3 November 2013


Today's post is a DIY cork hot plate inspired by Sweet Paul. All you need is some superglue and a bunch of corks. I sent an email around the office for mine but try local pubs and restaurants too.

Image from Sweet Paul

Scroll down to see my attempt and a step by step instruction.

  • Start by gluing three corks together in a cluster. This involves the most concentration as you need to hold them in place while they dry. You don't need much glue, just a few blobs.
  • Once you have a few stuck together you can add further corks by resting the mat on its side, as pictured below.

  • Add blobs of superglue to the points of contact between the corks and leave it to dry for a bit before adding more. Keep testing the mat on a flat surface to make sure it's not going to wobble too much.
TIP: Many corks have interesting images on one end, or nice staining. Try having them all facing the same way so that when you use your mat there is one particularly good side.

Here is my trivet in progress. They make good gifts, I made one for my step Dad.

I've found that wine, Prosecco and Cava corks work the best. Champagne corks are a bit too contoured.

If you're worried about a hot pan sitting on your new mat fear not! The melting point of superglue is around 185°C and a pan taken off the stove or out of the oven would not exceed that temperature for long enough to melt your mat. We've put casserole dishes and saute pans straight onto ours with no mess :-)


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